mediatomb ignores sigHUP

Björn Lundin b.f.lundin at
Sun Feb 6 22:55:47 PST 2011

6 feb 2011 kl. 22:06 skrev Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>:

> On Feb 6, 2011, at 14:56, Björn Lundin wrote:
>> How is the best way to override the portfile? Or add args to the install part?
>> Is there 'sudo port install mediatomb +config-option=--enable-sighup'
>> or something similar?
>> Or should I just edit the portfile and add it there?
> If you'd like to try it out, you can edit the portfile and then reinstall the port. Simply add --enable-sighup to the other configure arguments already in the portfile next to the configure.args keyword.
>> And if I'd like this to be macport's default behaviour, do I just open
>> a ticket and request that change?
> Yes, please open a ticket and request this change, if indeed it fixes the problem you're experiencing.

It did fix it, and i'll open ticket later today. Thank you

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