Compiling PL/R (R language module for PostgreSQL database)

JP Glutting jpglutting at
Mon Feb 14 13:32:36 PST 2011

Wow, that is dedication.

I haven't packaged anything for Macports yet, and this is a bad time for me
to take on any new projects, but if anyone out there is interested, it would
be a great addition to Macports.

In case anyone is wondering what it does, my understanding is that it allows
you to use R within a Postgres database, allowing you to build complex
analytical functions within Postgres itself, instead of having to export the
data, process it, and write back the results. (I am sure Joe will correct me
if I am not quite correct).

I am planning to use it with a Postgis database to do some spatial
interpolation on a dataset that spans 10 years, one day at a time. I am
hoping it will allow me to process the data directly to results in the
database  instead of having to export the data to R and then extract the
interpolated values and pass them back to Postgres.

I am not entirely sure how I am going to do it (I just installed PL/R a few
hours ago), but I am fairly sure it can be done.

So, if that sounds like the kind of thing you would like to do with
Postgres, and you know how to package a port, this could be a good project.


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On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 9:44 PM, Joe Conway <mail at> wrote:

> On 02/14/2011 12:33 PM, JP Glutting wrote:
> > I love PL/R, it is going to be great for my Master's thesis project.
> > Thanks for making it! I also see it being a real powerful tool going
> > forward for other projects.
> Great to hear!
> > I assumed the x86_64 directories (etc.) are used for platform-specific
> > features, but I wouldn't know for sure.
> >
> > BTW, since you are on this list, is PL/R actually packaged for Macports?
> > Or might you consider it? I couldn't find it in in the package list.
> Actually, I only saw your post because I have a google alert that
> spotted it. I signed up for the list so I can post, but promptly went
> nomail as I already belong to far too many lists to read in a day.
> I have no problems with packaging PL/R for Macports, and even bought a
> Macbook Pro almost two years ago so I could do such things, but have
> never been able to find the time to get over the initial learning curve
> to do the packaging. I'm more than happy to help someone who already
> knows what they're doing with the packaging though ;-)
> Joe
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