standard variants for py26-numpy

Olaf Foellinger olaf at
Mon Feb 14 13:49:26 PST 2011


* Bryan Blackburn <blb at> [14.02.11 21:42]wrote:

> Use -atlas to disable that variant, which also has the effect of disabling
> the need for a new gcc as well:
> $ sudo port install py26-numpy -atlas

that's clear. I've never installed it manually but using 

$ port install gnucash

I haven't noticed that py26-numpy has installed atlas and gcc44 but
recently I've tried to upgrade gnucash. Then I've noticed that atlas
takes hours and hours to install. I think for the average gnucash user
(and maybe for other ports that depends on py26-numpy) atlas is a heavy
and not necessary dependency. atlas should be installed by users who
explicitly select it.

Gruß Olaf

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