MacPorts throws errors on everything (include uninstall) since selfupdate

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at
Fri Feb 18 04:29:25 PST 2011

[Aba-Sah Dadzie <a.dadzie at> (2011-02-18 12:14:01 UTC)]

> I ran selfupdate almost a week ago, and my computer is pretty much
> broken now - for any program remotely related to MacPorts.

Is it *only* macports?

Your litany of woes would make me suspect either a hardware problem or
a corrupted system file outside of macports. But if you never have any
problems with non-macports software then that sounds a mite unlikely.

Still, if this happened to me, I would run a hardware test. Including
a thorough disk test. A bad sector in the midst of a much used library
would surely be an endless source of grief!

When you said you reinstalled macports from scratch, did you really
mean that? I.e., did you run  sudo rm -fr /opt/local  and then install
macports and then all your ports?

If so, and if the hardware test shows no problems, I'd suspect a
corrupt system file somewhere. In which case, maybe downloading the
latest combo updater from and installing it just might fix
the problem. Or failing that, a complete reinstall of your entire OS.

It's time consuming and painful, but sometimes such drastic measures
can't be avoided. I do hope you have good backups! Good luck.

- Harald

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