building gcc for lm32 arch

Yann Sionneau yann at
Tue Jun 7 14:08:11 PDT 2011

Hello the MacPorts mailing list,

I am trying to write a Portfile [0] to compile a gcc toolchain for the
lm32 architecture and the RTEMS OS.

I have already submitted the lm32-rtems-binutils Portfile.

I have a problem during the "configure" phase of libgcc when compiling
gcc that I don't manage to solve, I don't understand what's going wrong.

My Portfile is about lm32-rtems-gcc-4.5.2.

I uploaded the config.log [1], config.status [2], main.log [3] and the
Portfile [0].

I had to add a patch [4] to modify the check against PPL version (in
configure{,.ac}), it was checking for PPL 0.10 but now macports seems to
be providing PPL 0.11 so the configure test was failing because of the
minor version not being "10".

I uploaded the patch [4] I did too.

Any hint would be more than welcome :)


[0] -
[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -

Best regards,

Yann Sionneau

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