dblatex problem

j. van den hoff veedeehjay at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 11 08:58:09 PDT 2011


I'm using dblatex as backend to asciidoc for pdf production. I noticed  
massive latency
(e.g. for a one-page document real time 17 sec,  system+user) 3 sec.) when  
this. I don't know anything about docbook/xml stuff but after quite some  
searching found out that
the problem is related to xsltproc (called by dblatex) looking up xml  
on the net instead of doing this locally. This occurs when the environment  
SGML_CATALOG_FILES is not pointing to the local xml-catalog directory. but
in the main `dblatex' python script I find this:

cat = os.environ.get("SGML_CATALOG_FILES")
if cat:
     cat += ":=/opt/local/etc/xml/catalog"
     cat = "=/opt/local/etc/xml/catalog"
os.environ["SGML_CATALOG_FILES"] = cat

which seemingly _does_ set the environment variable to point to the
correct directory, one should think. this
does not have any effect, however, i.e. xsltproc takes massive time
waiting for the net. on the other hand, if I export the variable myself in  
the shell with

export SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/opt/local/etc/xml/catalog

xsltproc indeed stops assessing the network and pdf production (for small
documents) speeds up by a factor of 5-6 or so.


* is this a macports problem or not (probably not...)?
* is it a dblatex bug (my guess)?
* is it a xsltproc bug?
* whom to notify?


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