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Ian Wadham at
Mon Jun 20 05:50:40 PDT 2011

The information at the foot of the page
about how to start KDE applications after you have installed them
from Macports appears to be incorrect and misleading.  Please can
you edit it.  The correct information appears to be on:
near the end of that section.

Those instructions, for setting up Dbus, etc., need to be followed only
once, after the first time you install any KDE packages.  I think it is still
necessary to 'open' after booting and before running KDE
apps.  Some KDE apps need it, but not all.  Maybe it should go in .profile.

I am a KDE Games developer who just bought a Macbook Pro
with Snow Leopard.  I was delighted to see KDE packages build
OK from Macports and in very recent versions.  However, the
misleading information from is also
printed out by Macports (I have asked on the Macports list for
that to be updated).  This has caused me a lot of disappointment
and lost time in the last few days, but everything is working fine
for me now I have found the correct Dbus instructions.

All the best,
Ian W.

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