Cannot setup macports, error on Xcode binaries

Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at
Fri Jun 24 01:48:33 PDT 2011

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> I know that those have always been options, when installing Xcode through the Installer. I wasn't aware that the App Store used the Installer. In fact, wasn't won't-install-system-items supposed to be one of the guarantees of the App Store, and listed as one of the reasons why MacPorts wouldn't be allowed on the App Store?

There are no options in the Xcode4 installer

> Then again, Lion itself being distributed via the App Store kinda throws all that out the window.

Apple sets the rules for the App Store.
Those rules are for _third_ _party_ developers.
Apple itself is of course not bound by those rules in any way.

All of their own programs from the App Store install support stuff in at
least /Library

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