difficulty in determining culprit...

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 08:52:22 PDT 2011

(oops sent this without "respond to all" acccidentally...resending it here...)

> The server used was: nongnu.askapache.com

Oops missed that originally :)

>> nor give me a hint as to how to use another one.
> There isn't a way, I'm afraid. MacPorts picks the mirror it thinks is closest to you.

Ok.  Could I perhaps make a feature request for something like
"--use-your-second-choice-server" or "--use-a-random-server" or
"--use-a-known-stable-server" perhaps something like one of those?
Might make overcoming temporary network failure easier :)

I suppose another option might be to "try with the preferred server,
if that fails, automatically delete it and try with a different
server, then if that fails give up" or something along those lines...

> The problem appears to be that nongnu.askapache.com has been replaced with generic pages, whose checksums of course do not match the checksums of the desired distfile. This problem should be reported to the administrator of that server. Until they fix it, I've removed it from our list of mirrors:

Cool thanks.  I just looked again today and things "appear" normal for
that server again, so I suppose you could re-add it.  It might also be
kind to setup some monitoring system that checks for failed servers
daily :)

I also updated the wiki page with instructions on how to manually
overcome this so at least there's a work around in place.  Thanks
again for your work on this stuff.


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