Please edit Macport's KDE instructions

Ian Wadham at
Sat Jun 25 23:18:26 PDT 2011

The instructions Macports gives you whenever you install a KDE module
appear to be incorrect and misleading, so please can they be changed?
When I followed them, I got an error message and not a single KDE app
would run.

Eventually I found and followed some instructions for DBus at:
which worked.  These will get DBus to run whenever the Mac is booted.

An alternative is given in:
which presumably starts DBus as the local user rather than root.

I have also added kdeinit4 to
Mac OS X's SystemSettings->Accounts->My Account->Login Items, so now
my Macbook is ready to run KDE apps as soon as it has started up.

I wrote to kde-mac at kde-org mailing list about the DBus problem.  See threads:

On that list, John Layt has offered to review and revise the pages re Mac,
 Macports and KDE whenever he has time.  So far, he has started a new
page at which outlines the
present state of affairs.

There was a page which contained the
same outdated KDE instructions as Macport has, but John Layt has had
it discontinued and re-routed to
(the new page mentioned above).

I do not know what the best set of KDE instructions for Macports would
be (I am new to the Macbook), so maybe you could talk to the guys at
kde-mac.  Maybe it would also be an idea to include in the Macports
Guide a small section on installing KDE.

Meanwhile, I am hugely enjoying running the KDE games on Macbook
and would like to start fine-tuning some of them to run a little better in
Mac OS X, using Macports as a base KDE installation.  Also, thanks to
Macports, I am able to carry on using KMyMoney to keep track of my
finances on the Macbook.

All the best, Ian W.
KDE Games developer,
Melbourne, Australia.
Author of KGoldrunner and Kubrick.

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