Apache2 Module Passenger for RoR

Jasper Frumau jasperfrumau at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 19:38:14 PDT 2011

Initially installed the Passenger - http://www.modrails.com/ - module for my
OSX Apache server following instructions
sudo gem install passenger
passenger-config --root
sudo passenger-install-apache2-module - Ran on OSX Apache only ...

Realized afterwards it did not work for my MacPorts' Apache, but only for my
OSX's Apache. Then tried to find the Apache Passenger module to run Ruby on
Rails on my MacPorts run Apache server which is the server I am using for
local development.

port search passenger
No match for passenger found
jaspersmbp:commandsapp jasper$ port search mod_passenger
No match for mod_passenger found

Did find mod_ruby later on:

port info mod_ruby
mod_ruby @1.3.0 (www, ruby)
Variants:             universal

Description:          mod_ruby embeds the Ruby interpreter into the Apache
web server, allowing Ruby CGI
                      scripts to be executed natively. These scripts will
start up much faster than without
                      mod_ruby. You can also extend Apache by mod_ruby.
mod_ruby provides Apache API to
Homepage:             http://modruby.net/

Library Dependencies: ruby, apache2, apr
Platforms:            darwin
License:              unknown
Maintainers:          nomaintainer at macports.org

Not sure if that is the same as passenger or very similar at least. Will
give it a shot. Still would like to know if this is MacPorts Apache
Passenger Module as used by many servers and hosters like Dreamhost or if it
is different.
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