Perl Uninstall Issues

Christopher Stone listmeister at
Wed Mar 2 10:04:37 PST 2011

On Mar 02, 2011, at 11:04, Eric Hall wrote:
> 	You've got exactly what you should have, you shouldn't
> have to uninstall anything.  The perl5 port is a wrapper for
> perl5.x (i.e. perl5.8, perl5.10, perl5.12) so that other ports
> can depend on perl5, not a particular version of perl5.


Hey Eric,

Thanks for the explanation.  In that case it seems the update process didn't have any real hitches.

I did have a couple of Perl 5.8 variants still on the machine, but between 'uninstall outdated' and one direct uninstall it seems I successfully got rid of the detritus.

I'm just starting to learn Perl and am pleased to have 5.12.x installed.

Best Regards,

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