MacPorts Migration Problems

Tyson Brown tyson.brown at
Wed Mar 2 13:41:05 PST 2011

Arg!  Lets start out with that....

My original installation of MacPorts was on a G4 iMac running 10.4.x.  I'm NOT sure what version it was, but PROBABLY older than 1.71

Upgraded from the G4 to an Intel MacBook Pro running 10.5... Used Migration Assistant to move all the information from the G4 to the MacBook Pro

Did NOT at that time update my MacPorts installation... Silly me!

Upgraded MacBook Pro to 10.6.5 recently.  Went to do some development and needed to install another port.   Surprisingly enough, MacPorts did not work.....

Error I receive is:

Error: /opt/local/bin/port: Failed to initialize ports system, dlopen(/opt/local/share/darwinports/Tcl/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.dylib, 10): no suitable image found.  Did find:
	/opt/local/share/darwinports/Tcl/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.dylib: mach-o, but wrong architecture

Okay, no surprise there, I should upgrade my MacPorts.... Well, none of the commands for uninstalling my ports or even figuring out which ones I HAD will work... Okay, no surprise.  I'll need to do a total reinstall, right?

Download the 1.9.1 installer, run it.  It tells me my version of MacPorts is too old to be updated, I need to run the 1.71 installer.  I download the 1.7.1 installer, IT tells me I cannot run this installer on this version of the operating system..... AAAARRRG!

Suggestions?  (aside from "Stupid!  You should have updated when you migrated machines!"  I think I know that one already....)
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