How do I get etherape to work in OS X 10.6.6?

Zack Perry zack.perry at
Mon Mar 7 11:01:01 PST 2011

Thanks for responding and the quick port update for etherape to 0.9.10.  Appreciated!
I downloaded your port, and tested it side by side with my own build. Their behavior is the same.  Two visible differences:
Neither are quick in responding to network events as their counterpart running on Linux (e.g. CentOS 5.5 and Ubuntu 10.04, both I use active.  On Linux, even a ping to a remote host (e.g. generates visible node cicles and traffic graphs in Etherape, not on OS X.  Although in the Prot. pane, traffic stats are updated periodically as anticipatedEven significant network traffic (e.g. downloading OpenOffice dmg file from doesn't generate visible node cicles and traffic graphs in the Etherape running in OS X. In Linux, the entire display probably would be filled completely by such an event.
I am not sure why there are such "behavior" differences.  The lack of visible traffic graphs and node cicles make Etherape much less useful in OS X IMHO.
BTW, I did try etherape from both Fink and MacPorts, but due to the less comprehensive coverage of Fink, I favor MacPorts more.  I have done a 
chmod 0 /sw/bin/dbus-daemon
and removed /sw/bin from my $PATH, so I should be using exclusively MacPorts now. But issues with Etherape has been quite puzzling to me.  Further hints/suggestions as to how to rectify Etherape's behavior are appreciated.
-- Zack

> I made a small progress.  I decided to download the latest stable etherape-0.9.10 source and build it myself, using libraries that were built when I was trying out the macports version.
> Once I sudo myself into root, I performed the following.  Now I can see IP addresses, but still not node cicles and traffic graphs.  
> I am contemplating to rebuild all libraries that etherape depends; using all latest stable to see if it make any difference, but I know given my current work load, such a time consuming task may have to wait.  So, I would appreciate any hints.

I have now updated etherape to 0.9.10 in MacPorts. If there are any other ports in MacPorts that are not at their latest stable versions, feel free to file port update tickets in the issue tracker to request that they be updated.

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