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On Mar 13, 2011, at 12:04 PM, Erwan David wrote:
> I think it is more a problem of control. Apple wants a total control on what runs on the computers it sells. The App store model is the key to this control, if people are obliged to use it. The itunes account licence is not innocuous and gives Apple many rights. The confidentiality policy does not garantee anything for the seller, only the right for Apple to dissemintates the informtation that Apple defines as non personnal.
> Enforcing the Appstore model makes people prisonner of a company which should stay a mere furnisher.
> I personnaly never will sign up a itunes account with the current licence, same I always refuse the itunes licence. WOuld Apple continue it's today trend, my next configuration would be another OS on the Apple branded hardware I own.
> Would macports mandate the use of an appstore XCode, would just accelerated the move.

One wonders if Apple was simply "thinking ahead."

Last week Google announced that it had "automagically" deleted malware-infected Android apps from people's Android phones without the owners knowledge or participation.

It is similar to the "control" (or should we say royalty) issue surrounding apps that you buy direct from third parties, but who offer updates via the App store... you can't get them without having bought the app through the App store even though you have a licensed copy of the App.

That is clearly a case of Apple not trusting your Mac to report valid licenses to it. They want the license in their data base.

One other issue with Xcode 4 -- Xcode use to install in /Developer/Applications  by default, along with all of the rest of the developer tools... now it apparently installs in /Applications.

Did Apple "screw up" and loose the /Developer prefix, or have they now done away with the idea?

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