Inkscape 0.48.1 crash

~suv suv-sf at
Mon Mar 14 07:46:31 PDT 2011

On 14/3/11 15:19, Andre Girard wrote:

> Upgrade outdated. Inkscape is now at 0.48.1


> The inkscape window shows up. Create an object and change the color
> by choosing object/fill and stroke. Change the color to black and click fill.
> Error window comes up 


> After closing the error window, the message
> Segmentation fault
> shows up on the terminal.


> Is this known? Should I file a bug report? Is there a workaround?

Most likely - just guessing here because the console messages don't
provide relevant information as would the backtrace from the crash
report - it's the same issue as reported upstream

Bug #629363 <>
"inkscape 0.48 crashes in sp_stroke_style_line_update() when drawing
with opened "Fill and Stroke" dialog"

No known fix or workaround - it seems to be limited to certain archs
(only reported for Snow Leopard (64bit) and Gentoo (amd64) so far).

hth, ~suv

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