Keyboard support for gedit, bluefish and other macports installed software

Brian Wilson bountonw at
Fri Mar 25 00:03:27 PDT 2011

I have done some testing. Gedit, bluefish and abiword all work on my linux
computer, but have the same bug as bibledit on the mac. My problem is that
when I switch keyboards on the mac using either command-space, or clicking
on the keyboard icon nothing happens. When I type, I still get English no
matter which keyboard I choose. However the linux version of these programs
allows me to type in a variety of keyboards.

I am getting the following error message when I try to run a program that is
installed in macports

(process:1766): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.

Using the fallback 'C' locale.

 Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display "/tmp/launch-kjSU7E/org.x:0".

Is this related to my problem? Is the lack of keyboard support a macports
issue or is there something wrong with my configuration.

Thank you,

Brian Wilson

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 9:57 AM, Brian Wilson <bountonw at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have installed the macports installation of bibledit on my macbook pro
> (snow leopard). If I change keyboards on my mac, I can type in the language
> of that keyboard in any program/app that is installed  *except* bibledit. No
> matter which keyboard I have active, the result is English text. I have
> English set as the default language, but I frequently type in two other
> languages in more than a dozen programs. Somehow these programs "know" when
> I have changed keyboards. The developers of bibledit are very helpful and
> responsive and I am sure that as soon as the solution is apparent that they
> will find a way to implement it.
> Is there a macports library that bibledit can link to in order to "know"
> when the user has switched keyboards?
> Any technical advice is appreciated and will be passed on to the bibledit
> developers.
> Thank you,
> Brian Wilson
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