Phil Dobbin phildobbin at
Sat Nov 5 15:58:34 PDT 2011

On 5/11/11 at 22:33, pixilla at (Bradley Giesbrecht) wrote:


>I just committed pear-AWSSDKforPHP to MacPorts.
>You will need to sync your ports tree:
>$ sudo port sync
>$ sudo port install pear-AWSSDKforPHP


>The pear-AWSSDKforPHP port through the php5pear PortGroup has a 
>dependency on php5-pear.
>The php5-pear port installs a file 
>"/opt/local/lib/php/pear/pear-ini.php" that adds 
>/opt/local/lib/php/pear to the php include path so AWSSDKforPHP 
>should be available after install with no further php configuration.

Thanks, Bradley. That installed fine.

I’ve edited the `` in `AWSSDKforPHP` to include 
my Amazon Security details so should be good to go.



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