port install doesn't create symlink

Phil Dobbin phildobbin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 16:02:08 PDT 2011

On 5/11/11 at 22:43, jander at jandernet.com (Jim Anderson) wrote:

>That worked, but now when I enter "cpan", a binary in the 
>perl5.14 dist, I get
>jim-andersons-macbook-pro:~ jander$ cpan
>-bash: /usr/local/bin/cpan: /usr/local/bin/perl: bad 
>interpreter: No such file or directory
>Why is it looking on /usr/local and not in /opt/local?

You need to add the PATH for /opt/local/bin/perl to your .bash_profile.

Or you can run `sudo /opt/local/bin/perl -MCPAN -e shell` if 
you’re in a hurry...


Please consider the environment before reading this email...

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