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Sun Nov 6 10:47:10 PST 2011

On 6/11/11 18:32, "Bradley Giesbrecht" <brad at> wrote:

>> On Nov 6, 2011, at 9:40 AM, Phil Dobbin wrote:

>> Well, strictly speaking they were installed by PEAR but I get your point.
> Not true if the command "port install AWSSDKforPHP" was the command that
> caused the installation to happen. Whether curl, pear, php etc.. where
> involved in the installation is beside the point.
> MacPorts keeps track of the files a port installs; and other ports may depend
> on these files.
> If another port depends on pear-AWSSDKforPHP and you have moved the installed
> files you will most likely have problems.
> Also, when new versions of pear-AWSSDKforPHP are available "port upgade
> pear-AWSSDKforPHP" will not upgrade the files you are actually using.

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear on this. I installed my first attempt at
using `AWSSDKforPHP` directly from the PEAR channel (PEAR I had installed
via MacPorts as well as PHP 5.3.8.). I then moved the `AWSSDKforPHP` I got
from PEAR & port installed `pear-AWSSDKforPHP` via MacPorts which is the one
I'm using.

>> Yes, it was the edited `` that now resides in
>> /opt/local/lib/php/PEAR/AWSSDKforPHP as ``
> This should be fine, sdk.class.php should pick that up automatically. However,
> if later you want to build another AWSSDKforPHP enabled application with
> different configuration requirements you will need to accommodate this
> somehow.

O.K., thanks, I'll bear that in mind.



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