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Sun Aug 5 18:33:38 PDT 2012

What is the status of Avidemux?

There are a number of people complaining that it won't build; I did
not add to that.

There is a ticket calling for it to be updated, but it is not.

There is a binary for an older version available from download at
http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/download.html, but that is an out of
date version. It talks about how to use a different package manager to
compile, but that one uses /usr/local (which is a disaster waiting for

There's info on the web saying that you can get a working binary of
Avidemux on 10.7 by taking avidemux2.app, removing the included
libraries that do not work on 10.7, and letting the system's version
of those libraries be used -- but I can't find an up to date version
of avidemux2.app to do that trick with.

Halp! Pwease! I'm ... past frustrated and giving up.

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