Mountain Lion/Xcode/Macports upgrade failure

Dominik Reichardt domiman at
Wed Aug 8 07:37:10 PDT 2012

Am 08.08.2012 um 12:38 schrieb Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>:

> On Aug 8, 2012, at 05:21, Jim Graham <spooky130u at> wrote:
>> Ok, I was confused.  I thought someone said (either in this thread or in
>> another one) that it's the command line utils package that you have to
>> pay for.  That's obviously not the case, as I have gcc, java, etc., and
>> was not aware (until now---thanks) of the link for a free account.
>> So what IS this xcode package?  And what's the $99 for?  Is that the
>> equivalent of Google's $25 one-time fee for Android developers?  Or is
>> it for something entirely different?  Just curious....
> The $99 account allows you transfer iOS apps you've developed to your physical iOS devices, and lets you sell apps you've developed on the Mac and iOS App Stores. It probably also does other things that are nice if you're a software developer; I haven't looked into it fully.
> Suffice to say you don't need that level of Apple Developer Connection membership to use MacPorts. You only need a free ADC account, basically just so that you can download Xcode and its command line tools.

It also allows you to download and use previews, betas, GM and releases of iOS and OS X (+OS X Server) to test your software against.
Also old releases of OSX and OS X Server (for pre Lion server you get a one year license).

For xcode you don't even need to register a developer account as you can get it for free from the App Store (and normally the developer tools through xcode).

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