OT upgrade

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Wed Aug 8 20:20:45 PDT 2012

On 09/08/2012, at 3:00 AM, macports-users-request at lists.macosforge.org wrote:

>> I'm using snow-leopard and everything works perfectly: gnome-terminal, wireshark, gimp, wget, latex ...
>> After watching the woes unfold here why would I upgrade, what does lion offer that I don't have? (facebook connectivity etc is rather like a lead balloon)
> One thing I find extremely useful in Lion is multiple desktops.  This was available
> formerly as "areas", but rather half-baked compared to my previous multi-desktop
> setup on KDE and Linux.
> On Lion, multi-desktop is much better.  I can keep programming, course preparation,
> personal finance, email and browsing on separate desktops and quickly swipe the
> trackpad with three fingers to do a switch whenever something comes up (e.g. a phone
> call where I need to look up some piece of information).  Or I can set selected apps in
> the dock to switch desktops automatically when clicked.

Ian thanks for the opinions.
Just for the record snow-leopard does multiple desktops IMHO slightly easier than KDE, gnome or lxde and slightly harder than fvwm. In any event they are on par with the best.


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