Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at
Wed Aug 8 21:29:45 PDT 2012

Since it's been open-sourced (six years or so after someone started a petition asking for that!), is there anyone out here that's ever built CDE from source, on any platform, such that they have some idea how it's to be done?

I'd love to get this running on OS X (although I probably wouldn't use its window manager, since window managers other than quartz-wm don't seem to play that nice on a Mac).  But I have nary a clue where to start.  Looks like maybe it uses imake (if with its own config files?)  Maybe one needs to merge the necessary bits from /opt/local/X11/config into the cde/config/cf directory (tricky perhaps given the age difference of the version of imake in question)?  And then tweak how many other things?  Got to be fun trying to get that to work given the difference in the respective ages of the imake versions, etc.

Maybe the port maintainer for openmotif would have a head-start figuring it out if anyone would?

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