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> On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 9:45 AM, Jamie Paul Griffin <jamie at kode5.net>wrote:
>> It's interesting reading posts like this and learning about others'
>> experiences with upgrading OS X. I have to say, the changes they make like
>> the one discussed in this thread I find a little worrying. I wonder about
>> the direction they're taking the OS X platform. I mean I like it purely
>> because of its UNIX subsystem. iOS, etc, completely takes that away from
>> the user so I hope that won't happen with OS X releases in the future.
> You're far from the only one; although the impression I get is that while
> the primary UI is iOS-ifying, the underlying stuff will remain there *and
> accessible*.  You just have to do more work (Command Line Utilities,
> XQuartz, etc.) that a majority of OS X users don't care about.
> I will note that one likely objective of this has less to do with iOS than
> with SSDs... I've already been forced to offload most of the development
> stuff and some other things to an external drive.  Flash memory is at a
> technological bottleneck at the moment --- and the most promising
> alternatives are nowhere near being made into commercial devices yet.  So
> it makes sense to offload the stuff that a small minority of OS X users use
> to optional downloads, especially if other parts of the base install are
> getting larger, since larger SSDs have significant issues (physical size,
> heat, error rates; that last is apparently a major issue with large SSDs).

This is an interesting thought which didn't come to my mind but it kind of
makes sense since Apple is pushing solid state drives in their products
(both iOS and Mac OS X), and the economics of SSDs are probably going to
take some time to work themselves out (i.e., cost per megabyte of SSD v.s.
cost per megabyte of rotating HDDs). Apple also has enormous influence and
leverage in the SSD / Flash drive market.


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