macport wxt problem

Peter one2001boy at
Sun Aug 26 23:44:37 PDT 2012

> when I compile gnuplot 4.6 with macport wxt in mac os x 10.6 with xcode_4.2, my macport was self updated to the latest version.

> I got the following errors. In file included from ./plot.h:46,
>                  from wxterminal/wxt_gui.h:113,
>                  from wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp:96:
> ./mouse.h:189: error: variable or field 'set_ruler' declared void
> ./mouse.h:189: error: '_Bool' was not declared in this scope

>> Weird. That is (most probably) the same known problem as I reported to
>> gnuplot devs a while ago, it's a bug in older autoconf tools - the
>> ones used to generate ./configure script for Gnuplot 4.6, but I
>> thought I addressed it as part of the patch-configure-qt.diff:
>> or at least it works on Lion. I can only guess what is going on with 10.6.

>> May I please ask you for the output of "port -v configure gnuplot <any
>> variants>" to see what it reports for these two lines in particular:

>> checking for stdbool.h that conforms to C99... yes
>> checking for _Bool... yes

I run the following command to compile Gnuplot. 

sudo /opt/local/bin/port install cairo +no_x11 +quartz +universal
 sudo /opt/local/bin/port install pango +no_x11 +quartz +universal
  ./configure CPPFLAGS='-arch i386' LDFLAGS='-arch i386' --with-readline=builtin  --prefix=$HOME/gnuplot-4.6_bin --without-lisp-files

 Here is the result. 

checking for stdbool.h that conforms to C99... no
checking for _Bool... yes
  aqua terminal: yes
  wxt terminal: yes
  Qt terminal: no (requires C++, Qt >= 4.5)

>> plus config.log file if you manage to find it inside "work" directory
>> (I'm only interested in the part around _Bool).
>> (It might make sense to open a ticket on trac. I cannot test on 10.6
>> at the moment, but I'll get access to it.)

>> Are you able to test if gnuplot *with* qt and *without* wxwidgets compiles?

$  sudo /opt/local/bin/port install qt4-mac-devel +no_x11 +quartz +universal
--->  Building qt4-mac-devel

It hangs up for 3 hours in the stage of "Building qt4-mac-devel". not sure what is missed or it is normal?



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