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On 12/04/2012 11:32 PM, Jeremy Lavergne wrote:

>> I've read some very encouraging things about the latest version (2.7.4) of
>> XQuartz which is offered as a binary from their web site.
>> I'm just wondering if installing it will clobber anything installed by
>> MacPorts (I'm not concerned about any Apple update clobbering it as I'm
>> still on Snow Leopard & my Macbook Pro is behind a NAT router with no
>> ports forwarded so I don't bother applying the few security updates they
>> release
>> for SL nowadays anyway).
> If it's an installer package, you'll find Bom files. It's a set structure, so you should be able to track down just what all is installed.
> xar works like tar, so you can list with -t or extract with -x into a temporary directory.
> lsbom on each Bom file will show you what's going to be installed on each of them.
>> I've no specific X Windows stuff installed by MacPorts
> You're probably fine then, but check the file list with xar/lsbom.

Thanks, Jeremy. I shall install away :-)



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