Fedora does MacPorts

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Fri Dec 7 22:56:15 PST 2012

On Dec 7, 2012, at 21:50, Phil Dobbin wrote:

> On 12/08/2012 03:32 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Dec 7, 2012, at 20:59, Phil Dobbin wrote:
>>> I thought maybe somebody might find this interesting:
>>> <http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora_Contributor_Documentation/1/html/Software_Collections_Guide/index.html>
>> Which part should we be looking at? In what way does "Fedora do MacPorts"? I didn't see "MacPorts" mentioned on that page.
> No, it was more to do with the concept behind Software Collections.
> Disregarding the fact it installs into /opt, it looks a similar
> principle; a set of supplementary ports installed elsewhere in the
> system (in /opt) that do not clash with system stuff.
> It was all rather light hearted on my part. My apologies if that was not
> made obvious in my post.

Ah I see. Well I'm not surprised by this, since that's the purpose of the /opt directory in a UNIX system: to hold OPTional software. That's why MacPorts uses a prefix under /opt.


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