DL damaged

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Wed Dec 26 21:06:30 PST 2012

On Dec 26, 2012, at 21:29, Robert Broome wrote:

> Thanks for the help!
> I really appreciate it. I don't know whether to reply directly to you or through the mailing list.

We should keep the discussion on the list so that when I run out of ideas, which might already be happening now, someone else can perhaps take over, and so that any other users who might be having the same problem can find the solution in the mailing list archives. I'll add the mailing list address back to this reply.

> I have checked out he ideas I have received and this is what I have learned.
> the "DYLD_ environment variables being ignored" warning comes because I do have the following env var
> set:
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH  /opt/loca/lib
> There is no DYLD set anywhere. It is not one of my environment variables. 
> I got that off my linux box. There it is helpful. Here on Mountain Lion, not so much.

Ok, yes, I'd recommend removing that; if "/opt/loca/lib" was a typo and it actually is set to "/opt/local/lib", then it is probably not helping you and may be causing some interference; if it's actually set to "/opt/loca/lib" then that would do nothing since that path presumably does not exist.

> the $TMPDIR is set as described earlier, /var/folders/p8/randomstring/T, with permissions of drwx------ . It isn't set by me or by my environment. Apparently it is here whenever I boot my machine.

Yes, it is a standard variable set for you by the OS (not sure what part: the shell maybe?). There's probably no reason to change it or unset it so just leave it be.

> When I write a file into $TMPDIR, the files have permissions of -r--r-----.

It might depend on how you create the file, and on your umask. Here's what I get:

$ echo hello > $TMPDIR/test.txt
$ ls -l $TMPDIR/test.txt
-rw-r--r--  1 rschmidt  rschmidt  6 Dec 26 22:56 /var/folders/0_/y9x9nfkh9xj125006s6dfksh0000gp/T//test.txt

> The only way I can compile is as root.
> Do you have any idea how the temp files are created and how the permissions are set?

I don't know how gfortran works internally, no.

Can you provide a reproduction recipe I can use to test this problem with gfortran on my system? You previously said you ran:

On Dec 25, 2012, at 21:59, Robert Broome wrote:

> gfortran -o sorttest sorttest.f95

But of course on my system I get:

$ gfortran -o sorttest sorttest.f95
-bash: gfortran: command not found

And if I instead use a named version of gfortran then I get:

$ gfortran-mp-4.5 -o sorttest sorttest.f95
gfortran-mp-4.5: sorttest.f95: No such file or directory

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