Tcl upgrade failure

Clemens Lang cal at
Sun Dec 30 06:46:04 PST 2012


On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 02:24:58PM +0000, Phil Dobbin wrote:
> Yeah, looking at 'port installed', I can see the Tcl/Tk upgrade
> actually succeeded so why it went ahead & uninstalled Vim & then
> re-installed it again, I not sure (Vim's compile time options were
> +huge +cscope +perl +python27 +tcl -ruby. It's now the same but minus
> tcl).

Oh, I guess the vim binary actually linked against libtcl.dylib, so the
rebuild was necessary. Vim should be rev-bumped if +tcl is in the
default variants.

Loosing a variant when recompiling shouldn't happen. From what I recall,
I wrote code to specifically prevent this, which was later simplified by
jmr. Maybe somebody who understands the way variants are evaluated in
MacPorts could have a look at the code and see why this happens?

Clemens Lang

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