barcode fails to build

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at
Thu Feb 2 10:04:47 PST 2012

["Richard L. Hamilton" <rlhamil at> (2012-02-02 12:59:29 UTC)]

> OS X 10.7.2, latest gen Mac Mini
> Among other things, log says paper.h not found, silly 'cause it's 
> in /opt/local/include, although there's no -I for that shown on the 
> command line.
> Anyone play with this enough to have a workaround?  Environment 
> variable maybe, or using the command-line option to use a compiler 
> other than clang, or whatever?

Funny, it built for me, but the resulting binary segfaulted.

See – I haven't looked at it 
since filing the bug report.

- Harald

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