Ulrich Wienands wienands at
Sat Feb 11 22:32:19 PST 2012

Ok, attached is the output of port -v installed (as rtf file since it
is a bit long). For me it is about what I expected.

I'll try wxWidgets by itself tomorrow.


2012/2/10, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>:
> On Feb 10, 2012, at 19:28, Ulrich Wienands wrote:
>> Verbatim copy of /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf:
>> ---------------------------------
>> # CPU architecture to compile for. Defaults to i386 or ppc on Mac OS X
>> 10.5
>> # and earlier, depending on the CPU type detected at runtime. On Mac OS X
>> 10.6
>> # the default is x86_64 if the CPU supports it, i386 otherwise.
>> #build_arch                     powerpc
>> # CPU architectures to use for Universal Binaries (+universal variant)
>> universal_archs         i386 ppc
>> -----------------------------------
>> So seems all good, and I have installed many a port w/o problem on this
>> machine.
> That looks ok...
>> One should not forget that wxWidgets comes in as a dependency.. could
>> it be that +universal is spec'd for that? If so, where would that be?
> Not sure what you mean by "spec'd for that". MacPorts builds a port
> universal if you request it. Also, if you request a port to build universal,
> and any of its dependencies are not built universal, MacPorts rebuilds those
> dependencies universal. Also, if you request a port to build, and it needs a
> different architecture than the architecture for which any of its
> dependencies are installed, MacPorts rebuilds those dependencies universal,
> on the assumption that the needed architecture is in the list of universal
> architectures. This latter case generally occurs on Snow Leopard and up,
> where the default is x86_64, but some ports only build i386; this isn't
> expected to happen on Leopard or earlier with the default arch selections.
>> Maybe I need to try installing wxWidgets by itself... I don't remember
>> now whether I did although it seems like an obvious thing to try.
> Certainly "sudo port clean wxWidgets" and "sudo port install wxWidgets"
> would be a good thing to try.
> I am trying to build py27-wxpython on my Tiger PPC Mac and although it's not
> finished yet it has at least started building wxWidgets, which is more than
> happened in your case.
> Could you show the output of "port -v installed"?

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