Ulrich Wienands wienands at
Mon Feb 13 21:33:34 PST 2012

Well, I went back to my post of 11-Feb, realizing that I wanted to
install wxWidgets by itself.

And, it actually installs just fine! I had to deactivate
wxWidgets-python, but then I could activate wxWidgets with no problem

So now, with wxWidgets there, I try installing py27-wxpython again.

And I get this error:
[UBC-PowerBook:~] uli% sudo port install py27-wxpython
Warning: port definitions are more than two weeks old, consider using selfupdate
Error: Cannot install py27-wxpython for the arch(s) 'i386' because
Error: its dependency wxWidgets is only installed for the arch 'ppc'
Error: and does not have a universal variant.
Error: Unable to execute port: architecture mismatch
To report a bug, see <>
[UBC-PowerBook:~] uli%
So, why the hell does it want to install the i386 version of
py27-wxpython on a G4 under Tiger?? The portfile clearly allows for
Having gone around the circle once, and at least wxWidgets now
installed, I'll have to look at the configuration again (which we did
earlier in this thread so nothing obvious should be wrong, but...??).


2012/2/11, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>:
> On Feb 12, 2012, at 00:32, Ulrich Wienands wrote:
>> Ok, attached is the output of port -v installed (as rtf file since it
>> is a bit long). For me it is about what I expected.
> It shows that several of your installed ports are out of date; perhaps there
> is a problem that we already fixed. Please "sudo port selfupdate" and "sudo
> port clean outdated" and "sudo port upgrade outdated". Then try wxwidgets
> again.

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