Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Feb 14 17:18:44 PST 2012

On Feb 13, 2012, at 23:33, Ulrich Wienands wrote:

> So now, with wxWidgets there, I try installing py27-wxpython again.
> And I get this error:
> -------------------------
> [UBC-PowerBook:~] uli% sudo port install py27-wxpython
> Warning: port definitions are more than two weeks old, consider using selfupdate

First, you should do this.

> Error: Cannot install py27-wxpython for the arch(s) 'i386' because
> Error: its dependency wxWidgets is only installed for the arch 'ppc'
> Error: and does not have a universal variant.
> Error: Unable to execute port: architecture mismatch
> To report a bug, see <>
> [UBC-PowerBook:~] uli%
> -------------------------
> So, why the hell does it want to install the i386 version of
> py27-wxpython on a G4 under Tiger?? The portfile clearly allows for
> ppc.

I'm not sure! That's strange. Can you show the debug output?

sudo port -d install py27-wxpython

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