MacPorts on OS X 10.8 Preview

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Fri Feb 17 05:08:07 PST 2012

That's why it is a preview version... Installing it over your existing OSX is a bad choice...

You need to follow the migration steps of Macports when switching OS version. You need to install Xcode for ML, probably the xcode 4.4 preview. And since xcode 4.3 changed a lot last night, maybe you need to wait whether there are special instructions to follow. I posted some pointers yesterday to a xcode 4.3 problem question.

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> Hi all
> I got a problem on Mac OS X 10.8 Preview
> I have install Apache2 on Lion but now i can't restart the apache server and i can't install anything, know sombardy on way to fix the problem? MacPorts its the singles software on my Preview version there not working :/
> Hobe sombardy can help me.
> Best regards
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