Migration wiki page

Jacob Schwartz quark at bluespec.com
Fri Feb 17 14:31:04 PST 2012

> First question: did you rebuild everything first?
> http://trac.macports.org/wiki/Migration

I upgraded to Lion recently and I used this webpage, since it's been
mentioned several times here.  But after spending a lot of time on
this (and having the uninstall process fail! now what?!), I found that
it was not what I needed.  What I wanted to do was to delete (or move
to a backup location) the old /opt/local area and just re-install
MacPorts (and my needed ports) from scratch.  This was faster and left
my installation much cleaner.  (Turns out I'd also been accumulating
tons of old versions of ports, inactive but still installed; so it was
nice to free up that space, too.)

Anyway ... is there a reason that this wiki page doesn't have a brief
preface explaining that a clean re-install is also an option, and
listing under what circumstances a migration might be preferred?

In fact, I can't even imagine when a migration would be preferred.
Maybe it saves some download time if you've already got the latest
packages downloaded?  Oh, maybe if you've put other files in
/opt/local/ by means other than MacPorts?  I install things by hand
into /usr/local, so I knew that only MacPorts was using /opt/local/.
I guess that if other people aren't doing that, then they'd need to
migrate, to make sure they only uninstall MacPorts files?


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