Xcode 4.3: Apparently Persistent License Agreement

Aljaž Srebrnič a2piratesoft at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 04:45:03 PST 2012

On 18/feb/2012, at 13:42, Kevin Reid wrote:

> On Feb 17, 2012, at 22:54, Anthony Michael Agelastos wrote:
>> When I peruse the main.log file it creates, I notice the following at the bottom.
>> <snip of main.log>
>> :info:build You have not agreed to the Xcode license agreements, please run xcodebuild standalone from within a Terminal window to review and agree to the Xcode license agreements.
>> </snip of main.log>
>> This looks like I need to agree to the license agreement. The only issue, though, is that I already have. I launch Xcode 4.3 (through Finder and `open /Applications/Xcode.app`) and it doesn't prompt me with anything. I even created a "Hello World!" console application and successfully built it with Xcode 4.3. Does anyone have any ideas with regards to this? I have also attached the main.log.
> I haven't used Xcode 4.3, but I would suggest following its instructions: run the xcodebuild command in order to acknowledge the license agreement -- _as the macports user_ since that's what is used for builds, IIRC. (I'm assuming that the "read license" flag is stored per-user.)

unfortunately this doesn't work, probably because the license agreement is stored in the home directory of the user (which is /var/empty for macports user)

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