macports broken under Mountain Lion and Xcode 4.4?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Feb 18 09:36:11 PST 2012

On Feb 18, 2012, at 01:03, Tabitha McNerney wrote:

> The problem going forward from 2012 onward is that Apple has stated (if I am not mistaken) that OS X  (Its no longer called "Mac OS X" btw), will have substantive updates annually to more or less be in sync with the parallel substantive updates for iOS. This will make it difficult on open source communities with limited resources to keep pace with Apple's likely internal developer monstrosity. Clearly this annual OS release cycle is Apple's way of trying to sustain habitual upgrades of hardware every few years because it will be easy for Apple to merely say "oh, sorry, Mountain Lion won't run on your 2009 Mac Mini or 2007 Mac Pro tower" etc. Too bad Apple has to do this to otherwise perfectly good hardware (didn't Steve Jobs and company ever see the Pixar movie WALL-E?). 

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