clamav and bzip2

John Brown jbb at
Thu Feb 23 11:06:38 PST 2012

Dear Jeremy,

    After a long download and a short installation the result is the 
macports clamscan never stopped, and was still going almost eight hours 
after starting. What's that all about? I finaly gave it a control-C.

    This is my machine.

  Machine Name:    iBook G4
  Machine Model:    PowerBook6,7
  CPU Type:    PowerPC G4 (1.5)
  Number Of CPUs:    1
  CPU Speed:    1.42 GHz
  L2 Cache (per CPU):    512 KB
  Memory:    1.5 GB
  Bus Speed:    142 MHz
  Boot ROM Version:    4.9.3f0

Macintosh HD:
  Capacity:    55.76 GB
  Available:    30.92 GB
  Writable:    Yes
  File System:    Journaled HFS+
  BSD Name:    disk0s3
  Mount Point:    /

  System Version:    Mac OS X 10.4.11 (8S165)
  Kernel Version:    Darwin 8.11.0

    That makes it 24.84 GB of content to sort through. Eight hours is 
excessive, at the least.

    I installed the Apple 10.4 PPC developers Xcode package, 
xcode25_8m2558_developerdvd.dmg, from the Apple developer site.

    I downloaded the latest clamav code from their site, attempted to 
configure, and got this:

checking for gcc bug PR28045... configure: error: your compiler has gcc 
PR28045 bug, use a different compiler, see

    That bug should NOT be in a 2012 download! It was resolved in 2006. 
Suggestions, anyone?


	John B Brown
	jbb at
	358 High Street
	Buffalo, Wyoming

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