clamav and bzip2

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Thu Feb 23 11:23:32 PST 2012

>   After a long download and a short installation the result is the macports clamscan never stopped, and was still going almost eight hours after starting. What's that all about? I finaly gave it a control-C.

My understanding is clamscan is a process that's manually launched and clamd is the daemon that things like a mail server can talk to.

> Machine Name:    iBook G4
>   That makes it 24.84 GB of content to sort through. Eight hours is excessive, at the least.

 Was clamscan checking your hard drive for viruses? If so, not surprised it's taking hours on a PPC. I remember the disk I/O always be sluggish.

>   I installed the Apple 10.4 PPC developers Xcode package, xcode25_8m2558_developerdvd.dmg, from the Apple developer site.
>   I downloaded the latest clamav code from their site, attempted to configure, and got this:
> checking for gcc bug PR28045... configure: error: your compiler has gcc PR28045 bug, use a different compiler, see
>   That bug should NOT be in a 2012 download! It was resolved in 2006. Suggestions, anyone?

You'll need to build a compiler (hours if not days!) that's new enough to not have this issue. It would be worthwhile to see if you can find one already built somewhere but I suspect finding PPC programs is difficult these days.

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