clamav and bzip2

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Thu Feb 23 12:33:49 PST 2012

>   The clamav source configure script found that error still embedded in the compiler from an Xcode dmg I downloaded yesterday from the Apple developer site. Doesn't Apple check for known bugs in their download packages? The macports clamav made no such complaint. Exactly how does the most recent code from CLAM detect the presence of a known and resolved compiler bug and the macports version of clamav does not??? Possibly that bug is my slowdown with the macports clamscan.
>   If you think bugs in compilers are acceptable,  that would be a unique developer approach. This is not a clam source code problem! They at the least fix all the bugs detected in their code and detect the known bugs in stuff their code uses. For instance, bzip2, gcc, etc.

John, are you trolling us?

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