clamav and bzip2

John Brown jbb at
Thu Feb 23 12:58:49 PST 2012

Dear Jeremy,

    Is your explanation for Apple publishing applications with known 
bugs that I'm a troll?

    The `obsolete OS' excuse for that kind of action is completely 
unethical. I'm just a very old coder, not a troll, and not accepting of 
profits at any social cost. Putting broken stuff out for an unsuspecting 
public IS unethical!

    So the OS is obsolete. Presenting bugs in the available downloads 
is, let me repeat, unethical. Apple has a moral responsibility not to 
publish buggy code and applications.

    Modern for it's own sake is the way down the rabbit hole to Alice's 
land, or possibly it is Alice who gave us Lion. There is no Leopard or 
Lion for this iBook, but it still works fine, except when the Apple 
maintained bugs bite.


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