Help With Kmymoney port

Andrea D'Amore and.damore at
Mon Feb 27 05:07:34 PST 2012

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 11:22, Salatiel Filho <salatiel.filho at> wrote:
> Well , i successfully installed kmymoney + gnupg + pin entry from
> ports so i could use my encrypted kmymoney file as i use inside linux.

There are no such variants in current kmymoney port.

> Well, if i start kmymoney from the launchpad icon and try to open my file i get:
> Sorry: GPG is not available for decryption of file /Users/someone/enc.kmy
> If i open a terminal , execute /opt/local/bin/kmymoney and try to open
> the file, if asks me for the password and open the encrypted file just
> fine.
> Whats the problem with the launch pad icon ?

Launchpad should be just launching an application bundle from
/Applications/MacPorts. Try to launch that and confirm the issue still
applies. If so file a ticket on Trac [1] following instructions at [2]
so the problem can be addressed.

Also notice that kmymoney is somehow old, being based on kdelibs3.
Check kmymoney4-devel port.

> Another question: Is there a way to make the kmymoney application open
> centered on the screen ? it always start half inside screen , half
> outside.

That's totally up to the application and/or KDE library, you have to
check their documentation for further info.



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