gtk2 fails to build

Thomas trg818 at
Fri Jul 6 08:04:58 PDT 2012

On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 4:33 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>wrote:

> Ok, so this could indeed be the problem for you. You should get the
> current libpng 1.4.x port installed and activated and then rebuild anything
> using a different libpng.
The libpng14 port was installed and marked as active all the time:
libpng @1.4.11_0 (active)

> My openjpeg is successfully installed against the current libpng 1.4.x
> port. Try cleaning openjpeg and rebuilding it.

> This was not a clean attempt. (You can tell because it started at the
> Building phase, skipping the Configuring and earlier phases.) "sudo port
> clean gtk2" and try again.
 Just to be sure, I cleaned openjpeg, ffmpeg, and gtk2 and started over,
but it still fails at the same point - he's still trying to link against
libpng15, which is not there, instead of libpng14, which is there and
~> sudo port clean openjpeg ffmpeg gtk2--->  Cleaning openjpeg
--->  Cleaning ffmpeg
--->  Cleaning gtk2
~> sudo port rev-upgrade--->  Updating database of binaries: 100.0%
--->  Scanning binaries for linking errors: 100.0%
--->  Found 92 broken file(s), matching files to ports
--->  Found 4 broken port(s), determining rebuild order
--->  Rebuilding in order
     ffmpeg @0.7.11
     gdk-pixbuf2 @2.26.1
     gtk2 @2.24.8 +x11
     poppler @0.18.4 +qt4+quartz
--->  Computing dependencies for ffmpeg
--->  Dependencies to be installed: openjpeg
--->  Fetching archive for openjpeg
--->  Attempting to fetch openjpeg-1.5.0_2.darwin_9.i386.tbz2 from
--->  Fetching distfiles for openjpeg
--->  Verifying checksum(s) for openjpeg
--->  Extracting openjpeg
--->  Applying patches to openjpeg
--->  Configuring openjpeg
--->  Building openjpeg
Error: for port openjpeg returned: command execution
Error: Failed to install openjpeg
Please see the log file for port openjpeg for details:

Error: The following dependencies were not installed: openjpeg
Error: Unable to upgrade port: 1
Error rebuilding ffmpeg
    while executing
"error "Error rebuilding $portname""
    (procedure "revupgrade_scanandrebuild" line 370)
    invoked from within
"revupgrade_scanandrebuild broken_port_counts $opts"
    (procedure "macports::revupgrade" line 5)
    invoked from within
"macports::revupgrade $opts"
    (procedure "action_revupgrade" line 2)
    invoked from within
"$action_proc $action $portlist [array get global_options]"
    (procedure "process_cmd" line 95)
    invoked from within
"process_cmd $remaining_args"
    invoked from within
"if { [llength $remaining_args] > 0 } {

    # If there are remaining arguments, process those as a command
    set exit_status [process_cmd $remaining..."
    (file "/opt/local/bin/port" line 4784)
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