Error on "sudo port -v upgrade outdated"

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Jul 9 05:52:30 PDT 2012


>> Might also be worth checking what version of Xcode the OP has
>> installed ? The latest version, AFAIK, that can be used with OSX 10.5
>> is Xocde 3.1.4, which provides gcc 4.2. The fact the OP is using the
>> older gcc 4.0 suggests they have an older Xcode installed. If so,
>> upgrade your Xocde and try again.
>> cheers Chris
> I'm the OP. I indeed have Xcode 3.1.4 installed (I checked) but when I
> went to the Terminal and did a "gcc -v", I have version 4.0.1, which is
> what came with Xcode 3.1.4.

OK. According to

GCC 4.2 & LLVM GCC 4.2

are available as optional compilers. So perhaps not the default (not 
that what you get running 'gcc -v' at the command line necessarily 
matches MacPorts own default). I'm surprised MacPorts does not use gcc 
4.2 by default it it is there ? That said, its been a long while since I 
used OSX  10.5 (and never a PPC version).


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