git bash_completion does not work - solved (?)

Barrie Stott zen146410 at
Sat Jul 21 04:51:04 PDT 2012

On 21 Jul 2012, at 12:01, Clemens Lang wrote:

>> I have now edited /etc/shells with MacVim to add /opt/local/bin/bash
>> as the first in the list. I then ran 'chsh -s /opt/local/bin/bash'.
> I have done this on my system, too, and it works fine for me.
>> I had already done what you suggested in Terminal's Preferences ->
>> Settings -> Shell. I removed all terminals, opened a new one and typed
>> 'echo $BASH_VERSION'. The result was the same as before:
>> 3.2.48(1)-release. What have I missed?
> Try resetting your Terminal preferences to the default. It should use
> /usr/bin/login then, which should start the shell you chose via chsh.

Nearer in that there's more info and it half works.

I ticked 'Run command' in Terminal's Preferences and entered /usr/bin/login. Deleted all terminals (does this need doing?) and opened a new one. Same as before for 'echo $BASH_VERSION'. Typed 'bash' to go down a level and, this time, 'echo $BASH_VERSION' gave the correct answer, 4.2.29(2)-release, and 'port SPACE TAB' gave a listing of all ports.

I emptied Terminal's Preferences by unticking 'Run command', did everything else as in previous paragraph and got the same results as previous paragraph.

I'm just hoping that this suggests to someone another thing to try.


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