git bash_completion does not work - solved (?)

Clemens Lang cal at
Sat Jul 21 04:01:41 PDT 2012

> I have now edited /etc/shells with MacVim to add /opt/local/bin/bash
> as the first in the list. I then ran 'chsh -s /opt/local/bin/bash'.

I have done this on my system, too, and it works fine for me.

> I had already done what you suggested in Terminal's Preferences ->
> Settings -> Shell. I removed all terminals, opened a new one and typed
> 'echo $BASH_VERSION'. The result was the same as before:
> 3.2.48(1)-release. What have I missed?

Try resetting your Terminal preferences to the default. It should use
/usr/bin/login then, which should start the shell you chose via chsh.

Clemens Lang

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