Request for two ports

Jim Graham spooky130u at
Sat Jun 9 21:03:03 PDT 2012

I'm looking for two ports:  gvim (which I thought was part of vim,
but apparently it's now split out from the vim distro) and the solitaire
pack, xpat2.  Oh, one other one---a great check book program called
cbb (check book balancer).  I've been using it for [hmmm, how many
years HAS it been?] ... well, a LONG time.  Most of the Mac checkbook
programs I've seen have you entering negative amounts for expenses,
where cbb gives you two columns---one for deposits, one for debits.
Just my opinion, but like I said, I've been using it for years (I'd
guess since around 199-something).  I don't think it's maintained
anymore, but it's still good.  My only real gripe with it is that
if you enter debit card listings, then a check, then more debit
card stuff, it puts ALL of the debit card stuff before the checks,
even if that's the wrong sequence.  Annoying, but not too bad.

Also, regarding errors (with the latest MacPorts release), about half
of the ports I tried to install today failed due to an error somewhere
in the build process (I'm just now building my new Mac up with my
"standard" utils).


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