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Michael Dickens michaelld at macports.org
Sun Jun 17 12:17:52 PDT 2012

On Jun 17, 2012, at 11:41 AM, Craig Treleaven wrote:
> From the Qt4-mac portfile, it appears that OS X 10.4 through 10.7 are supported on the various combinations of PPC, i386, x86_64 in 32 and 64 bit modes, as appropriate.  (So the minimum would be PPC 32 bit if anyone was patient enough to build there?)

Yes, at least in theory.  The oldest I know of currently is 10.5 PPC
32-bit.  There is legacy code in the Portfile that might allow it to
work with 10.4, but I do not have a way to test this and also have heard
nothing from that group of users (assuming there are any out there) as
to whether this updated port works for them.

I do know that 10.5 PPC 32-bit takes "a day" to compile.  On my 2.6 GHz
Core-2 64-bit, and no special variants, I can get the compile time down
to "only" 1.5 hours.  The compile is highly parallelizable, so in theory
an 8-core modern Intel processor could do this compile in maybe 30-45
minute.  Compile time doubles with +debug, and also with +universal --
so a +debug+universal will take my computer around 7 hours.

> Are there any major gotchas with, say 10.5 on 32 bit Intel?

We fixed a bug last week that seems to allow qt4-mac 4.8.2 to work on
32-bit Intel and PPC under 10.5 (and, newer, for x86).  As far as I
know, this latest Qt works just fine on 10.5 PPC or x86 32-bit.  I've
tested this release on 64-bit Intel 10.6 and 10.7.  I'm in the process
of fixing an issue with ccache, but that won't effect Qt runtime.

> Is there any word on Mountain Lion support with 4.8.2?  Just works?

Hopefully it "just works", but I won't know until I get access to 10.8
or Qt publishes something (which they might have already, and I just
haven't seen it).  I've read nothing online about Qt and 10.8, but then
I haven't been actively looking either.

Hope this helps! - MLD

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