How to run a custum portfile ?

Michael Parchet mparchet at
Wed Jun 20 05:14:12 PDT 2012


I have received a cdrtools portfile I would like to run it but I don't 
know the command line to do it.

See attachment the port file.

Can you help me please ?

Best regards

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# $Id: Portfile 94199 2012-06-12 07:43:29Z ryandesign at $

PortSystem 1.0

name	    	cdrtools
version		3.00
revision	1
categories  	sysutils
platforms		darwin
description     ISO 9660 filesystem and CD creation tools
long_description	The cdrtools software includes programs to create \
		 	and/or extract ISO 9660 filesystems, verify their \
			integrity, and write them to a disc. \
			Note, this port conflicts with the dvdrtools port.
maintainers openmaintainer
master_sites \

checksums	md5     f9fbab08fbd458b0d2312976d8c5f558 \
		sha1    6464844d6b936d4f43ee98a04d637cd91131de4e \
		rmd160  210684ab5e286ef59b788b49bd0b74d88f6435f4

use_bzip2	yes

depends_build	port:smake

depends_lib	port:gettext

post-patch {
	reinplace "s|/opt/schily|${prefix}|g" \
		${worksrcpath}/DEFAULTS/Defaults.darwin \
		${worksrcpath}/DEFAULTS/Defaults.mac-os10 \
		${worksrcpath}/DEFAULTS_ENG/Defaults.darwin \
		${worksrcpath}/DEFAULTS_ENG/Defaults.mac-os10 \
		${worksrcpath}/libfind/find.c \
		${worksrcpath}/libfind/find_main.c \
		${worksrcpath}/librscg/scsi-remote.c \

use_configure	no

# hangs the same way as smake itself with both llvm-gcc-4.2 and
# Xcode 4.1's clang
if {${configure.compiler} == "llvm-gcc-4.2"} {
    configure.compiler  gcc-4.2
} elseif {${configure.compiler} == "clang" && [vercmp $xcodeversion 4.3] < 0} {
    depends_build-append port:apple-gcc42
    configure.compiler  apple-gcc-4.2

build.cmd	smake
build.args  CC=${}
#[J] link fails for isoinfo,mkisofs;
build.args-append  LDPATH=-L/opt/local/lib

use_parallel_build no

post-build {
    # The build script doesn't notice when a program fails to build, so we must
    # verify it ourselves. See
    set progs {btcflash cdda2wav cdrecord devdump isodebug isodump isoinfo isovfy mkisofs readcd scgcheck scgskeleton}
    fs-traverse path ${worksrcpath} {
        if {[file isfile ${path}] && [string match {*/OBJ/*} ${path}]} {
            set file [file tail ${path}]
            set prog_index [lsearch ${progs} ${file}]
            if {${prog_index} != -1} {
                set progs [lreplace ${progs} ${prog_index} ${prog_index}]
    if {[llength ${progs}] > 0} {
        ui_error "The following programs did not build: [join ${progs} {, }]"
        return -code error "build failed"

destroot.args   DEFINSUSR=${install.user} DEFINSGRP=${} INS_BASE=${prefix}

post-destroot {
    move ${destroot}/etc/default ${destroot}${prefix}/etc/

livecheck.url	[lindex ${master_sites} 0]
livecheck.regex	${name}-(\[0-9.\]+)\\.tar

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